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Whether you’re seeking deeper heart connections in relationship to yourself and others, or longing to express your creative potential, you’ve arrived at the right place. I’m here to provide you with years of expertise to help you re-establish that connection within.


For deep excavation of stuck energy and enquiry into accompanied symptoms.

This work fosters realisations, change of perception, which will motivate you to take action for lasting change.

Via Zoom –90 minute sessions.

Pay-to-go: £125/session.

Bundles of 6: £120/session.

Pace of sessions: every 2 weeks or weekly if required.


The Nub of something can be described as excavating, exploring a core issue in a muddled situation.  Which is nestled in the sub-conscious, waiting to be released.

Quick, convenient, innovational approach.

Via Zoom – 120 minute sessions.



 The foundation of all self exploratory work.  Stretches the short Beta brainwaves to Alpha/Theta states access the subconscious effortlessly.

Harmonises the nervous system for trauma related issues.

Via Zoom – 60 minute sessions.

Pay-to-go: £85/session.

Bundles of 6: £80/session.

Pace of sessions: Weekly or twice weekly if required.


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