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“I have done extensive therapy over many years, and I find a therapy session with Terri to be like no other that I have experienced.  Terri brings together a wide range of skills, expertise, knowledge, intuition, wisdom and insight in an accessible, honouring and loving way … that’s healing, understanding and integrating.”  Sioban – Fashion Designer

“Someone who I felt safe to be myself with, who knows her stuff, wise, loving, kind and switched on.” Natalie – Kundalini Yoga Teacher

“Through Terri’s loving support and guidance, I was able to explore my life patterns and conditioning that were holding me back.  I felt totally safe to go deeply into releasing these blockages in order to move forward with more clarity and insight into my existence and purpose in life.  I had total confidence in her ability to take me on an amazing voyage not only of myself but also a deeper understanding of humanity and our place in the universe.” Marion – Energy Healer / Shiatsu Practitioner

“When we speak in the sessions, I experience Terri as incredibly grounding.  The language that she speaks really resonates with my being.  Our sessions seem to be built entirely on trust and honesty.  I always feel like I am being completely supported with my thoughts and feelings, which helps me deal with difficult traumas or fears that I am finally ready to deal with.”  Maria – Songwriter, musician

“I experience Terri as listening without judgement and really hearing me.  I experience her wisdom, intuitive healing powers, loving energy and pure positive intention to help me as a client.  I always feel very nurtured and if she challenges me, I know instinctively it’s for my own good.”  – Becca Hypnotherapist

“Terri has led me back to myself with understanding, support, humour, clarity and strength.  Her education and healing has assisted me in finding my own deep well of wisdom and stillness.” Bec – Energy Healer

“My experience of Terri is as compassionate, creative, intuitive, insightful.  She adopts a multi-faceted approach.  She could have many titles including , healer, coach, counsellor and teacher. After a session with her I often felt clearer, lighter and unblocked.   I used to use my thinking to guide me and through working with Terri, I learnt to find and trust my feelings.   I used to be more uptight in my approach and aim for a rigid clean-cut perfection but now I can relax and go for the experience rather than the perfection.” – Yvonne Retail Director

“During my sessions with Terri I was able to release blockages and see things anew.  I was guided and lead to a place of security to look at things deeply and I realised I was not alone.  My sessions shifted me, lightened my load and helped me to view a great deal of things differently.  Now I feel positive and reassured.”  Liz – Theatre Dress Designer

“Wisdom, warmth, wit.” Chris – Builder

“Within about the second session with Terri I began a sense of change, certainly in myself, a state that I can only describe as a lessening of fear.  The subtle influences in my body as revealed in these sessions have been something of a revelation.” James – Architect

“I have always found Terri to be very inspiring and in a lot of ways challenging.  Often taking me to the edge of my comfort zone.  She is perceptive and has taken me to very deep places.  She is very loving and caring person and I have felt very safe with her, which has enabled me to make great strides in my personal journey” Joy – Accountant

My experience of working with Terri has been a rare and precious opportunity to work on issues which are so fundamental to life. I have never encountered a person working in this way, allowing me to release, heal and open in both a spiritual and practical way. Relating to the energetic world as well as the real world and all the complexities of human interaction.

Terri is incredibly insightful and able to deeply understand and meet me where I am in my experience, and offer so much support and healing. Her attentiveness during and follow up support after the session makes no moment wasted or forgotten. A truly enlightening experience.” – JMR Tantric Model

“Terri’s work is grounded, building resilience and thorough.  So it’s not an instant gratification in-out process.  She supported me to focus on the larger picture and create lasting changes that helped me to find a place where I felt empowered to help myself.” Serina – NLP Practitioner

“I worked with Terri for a year and each session has revealed something about my life, large and small. Terri’s ability to get to the truth is fantastic.  I often finished a session thinking not much happened, to then find over the next day or so, some feeling, idea or thought would come to me and make a difference in my life”.    Rosemary – Energy Healer

“Terri works from a place of love.  I have found that during my time with her this has made it easier to learn to love and value myself.  I have grown leaps and bounds – it is like Terri has created a fundamental shift in me that I was unable to make myself.  She will help you find the truth.  I feel this is the most empowering thing of all, learning to truly be, accept and unconditionally love myself for everything that I stand for.” Emma – Business Coach

“I experience Terri as open, energetic, positive, intuitive, and operating on many plains and at many levels.” Dirk – Designer Advertising

“Bang on Brilliant” Alan  – Painter

“One thing that I have found hugely valuable is that Terri doesn’t just listen, but offers practical suggestions and recommendations.  I think that perhaps differs from other types of therapy and is what I valued most about our sessions.  I experienced Terri as wise, an expert, willing to share personal stories, open, inspiring, empowering … ”  Amber – Advertising Consultant

“Terri’s insight and empathy is amazing.  She has the talent to help you get to the core of an issue very quickly. I would highly recommend her to anyone who seeks to align with their life path and heal past hurts and traumas so they can embrace their full potential.” Janice – Painter

“My experience of Terri is such that she can break through my outer layers and allow me to see the nature of my worries and insecurities in my life.  I have been able to take a step back and gain perspective on things I previously had no idea how to solve.  Sometimes I was able to identify obstacles I didn’t know were there in order to help me tackle the real issues and better my outlook on life.  I have gotten to know my inner chatterbox and learned to silence him when I need to. This has left me much clearer in my mind. I can’t put into words how helpful this has been in my development.” Ben – Musician

“As a teacher, I found Terri to carry the same qualities as she does in her practise, kindness compassion, understanding and love along with clear and precise guidance.  Also she gives you all the support you need and is more than willing to share her wealth of knowledge and experience.” Nigel – Hairdresser

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