In 1999 I enrolled with The School of Energy Healing for a 3 year training.  This journey was the most transformative, moving experience on every possible level. It opened my eyes. Leading to deep insights and understanding about my existence. This enabled me to practice devotion, surrender and a state of allowing life to move through me instead of pushing to control it.

Once graduated, I completed the teacher training and tutored for 3 years. Held the post as Vice Principal till 2004.

Since leaving The School I’ve designed and taught a number of certified courses and healing programs with a view to personal understanding.  Running a vibrant practice working in the UK, Europe, US, South Africa, and Bali.

British Complimentary Medical Associaton


  • Registered with the British Complimentary Medical Association
  • Fully insured with Balens
  • Registered practitioner to the Foundation for Integrated Energy Healing (FIEH)
  • Certified teacher with Complimentary Medical Association (CMA)
  • Registered Supervisor and CPD accreditation with CMA


I fulfil annual CPD requirements in accordance with the FIEH Code of Ethics.


Supervision is regular personal therapy.  To find clarity and focus so I can be 100% there for you.


You’d recognise me as a passionate explorer.  Honestly believe I was born to discover the reason for my existence both inside and out.  To embrace the joy and inherent gifts I was born to give in this lifetime.

However, to begin with I discovered I didn’t know how to be myself and this lack gave way to isolation and fear of life. I didn’t have a foundation from which to craft my personal needs and wants, let alone communicate them.

So I sought and found

This led me to discover freedom and joy for life. Feeling exuberant and motivated to face challenges and find solutions.

This journey grew into “an adventure in self-discovery”, where I acquired enough self-knowledge to release old patterns so I could breakthrough and thrive in my life.

“My experience of Terri is as compassionate, creative, intuitive and insightful.  she adopts a multi-faceted approach. She could have many titles including, healer, coach, counsellor and teacher.  After a session with her I often felt clearer, lighter and unblocked.  I used to use my thinking to guide me and through working with Terri I learnt to find and trust my feelings.

I used to be more uptight in my approach and aim for a rigid clean-cut perfection but now I can relax and go for the experience rather than the perfection.” Yvonne – Retail Executive