Dear Seeker


My passion and joy come from working with beautiful souls who often experience varying states of chronic and acute emotional turmoil. One of the many symptoms is an unfulfilled longing, like an itch that can’t be scratched.

These people feel ready to do the work.  They’re genuinely seeking clarity and integration in life issues and are willing to approach the journey with a sincere determination to reconnect to their core self, to grow, heal and thrive.



I’m especially interested and experienced in helping people thrive in three unique groups:





Experience has shown there’s an invisible thread. A common symptom running through people who struggle with relationships, creative expression and working in therapy for a living. This commonality is experienced as an inhibition to completely connect and communicate through their Heart.

At an energetic level the Heart’s purpose is profoundly deep.  If you have a tenuous relationship to it, you’ll find yourself struggling to sit comfortably with compassion, empathy, love, self-esteem, creativity, inspiration joy and passion. This inability to forge healthy bonds has been found to percolate down into other aspects of life causing blocks in a variety of ways.

I’m also referring to how we relate within ourselves.  This is important because if we don’t have a healthy relationship to our own being via personal respect and self-forgiveness, then it’s almost impossible to authentically extend these virtues to family, friends, colleagues and life in general.


With this inability to consciously relate to our self and other people, life can feel like sucking on a sweetie with the wrapper is still on.


This dis-satisfaction and dis-contentment is yearning for a conversation between your Heart and Mind. A process of conscious reconnections will help unravel the inhibitions that prevent you from living from your Heart. This process is often described as emerging from a twilight sleep as you steadily realise what it actually means to simply, without demands – be yourself.

Once the Mind-Heart connection is forged, you’ll finally allow your talents and Gifts of Giving to radiate through your life and out into the world.

“Terri is a talented and generous practitioner who is highly skilled.  She was able to get straight to the root of my issues, something more conventional therapies had taken years to achieve. The process coalesced in quite a miraculous fashion which included practical skills after each session.  Terri has a unique skills set.  Her natural empathy, compassion and joi de vivre makes working with her a delight and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Louis – Graphic Designer / Yoga Teacher