My mother was an amazing craftswoman.  She never taught me how to sew or knit, but she most definitely passed down the essence of her skills.  Because one of the gifts I’ll bring to your sessions is the joining and pulling together seemingly muddled threads of your life. Ones you’ve weaved from the past which are influencing your current situation.



I’ll show you how these life weavings make up a cohesive whole.

You’ll be able to make sense of how you stifled your heart’s natural expression and the impact its having on your life. Think of yourself as a Himalayan Golden Eagle flying high in the sky. Gazing down at a patchwork landscape, as you begin to fathom the big picture in a single snapshot glance.


It’s only through a reconnection to your heart, all relationships current and potential can blossom.


I’m referring to the quality of relating to yourself, your environment, your work, your personal expression and to the people who come into your life. This ability of relating is essential for the Heart’s gifts to be broadcast out to the world. For you to feel at home in your skin.


We’ll explore deeply and with awareness.

As you are not your thoughts and emotions, I’ll show you how to:-

  • Notice and grasp the hint of a Thought form before it runs away with you.
  • Observe and ride an Emotional wave with understanding, self-trust and dignity.
  • Curiously sense a physical Sensation so you foster body awareness.

We’ll follow these three portals of Thought, Emotion and Sensation down the “rabbit hole” to discover what’s beneath.


Working in this particular fashion will teach you to experience yourself instead of just thinking of yourself as an idea.  As you reach in, you’ll recognise a deep sense of Self will become second nature as you begin to make choices that will help you to thrive.

No more unhealthy compromises and trade-offs.

Gold is perceived as the ultimate precious metal. So if you use this metaphor to mean wisdom, knowledge, equilibrium – that’s the gold we’ll be excavating in your sessions. This knowledge can emancipate you from your pain, enrich your life and ultimately bring in what you most long for.



You’re ready to take the journey when you:-

  • Realise the need for self discovery is bigger than your resistance to change.  
  • Sincerely want to make changes to give up the struggle.
  • Want clarity to burning questions.
  • Feel ready to live your life from the philosophy that everything is connected.
  • Know it’s time to take responsibility for your painful thoughts and emotions.
  • Understand that being a victim is stifling your ability to grow and heal.
  • Have a longing to re-learn and re-discover how to live from your heart.



This work is not for you if you’re:-

  • Seeking “talk only” therapy.
  • Hoping to solve other people’s problems.
  • Looking for a quick-fix miracle.
  • Wanting a comforting mothering substitute.
  • Requiring a medical diagnosis or second opinion.
  • Making enquiries because somebody told you to do so.



Chances are you were referred by a friend or colleague.  That’s because 99% enquiries come through people who have worked with me in one way or another.




This service is bespoke. That means you’ll be receiving focused, individual support on our journey together.

A philosophy. The more I discover myself, the more skilled I’ll be at holding you in your journey of self-discovery.

Working regularly and with humility is the key to change.

Sessions usually take place every 14 days or weekly depending on what you want and need.

If you’ve already done loads of personal exploration we’ll be taking a microscope and tweezers approach.






The work has a certain subtle structure to it, but not necessarily in this order as we:

excavate to find the real cause of your issue.

release stuck energy via a bunch of creative ways to unblock the cause.

Extract the wisdom (gold) to understand your truth more deeply. 

Craft a comforting, stabilising and rooting action plan that works for you.

Combine a simple set of effective personal tasks for the sake of continuity between sessions.

rewire how you think about yourself which will inevitably change how you feel. This will enhance your state of wellbeing.




“When I struggle to find my truth, Terri can see it, shine a light on it and show it to me.  When my thoughts are a jumbled tangle, she sees the golden thread within and pulls it out of me. The result is that I connect to a deep truth that was lying hidden within me.  She holds a safe and loving space so I can look at aspects of my world and myself.   I am challenged but I feel cherished.  Terri is wise and full of knowledge and experience which she expresses with simple, pure words, stories, analogies to paint a picture that’s so easy to understand.” Sue – Functional Medicine Practitioner