• This series of experiential enquiry is where the magic lies.  
  • By really immersing into the work you’ll feel empowered to make the changes you long for.
  • This work involves excavating deep stuck energy. Symptoms of feeling unmotivated, confused and at a loss can be resolved.
  • Dive Deep sessions will foster realisations. Helping you feel motivated to create lasting change through action.
  • We’ll work on gently excavating and changing your negative thought patterns that cause pain – mentally, emotionally and physically.
  • Sessions held in person, on Skype or FaceTime worldwide.
  • Includes simple tasks between each appointment to help anchor the work.
  • 10 minute tele-support between sessions if required.
  • Includes Energywork and Process Work
  • Sessions are 60 or 90 minutes
  • Undertaken weekly, or every 14 days.

FEE:  £95 for 60 min / £125 for 90 min


Book a bundle of 6 x 90 min sessions at £120 = £720