I’ve had the privilege of working with therapists from all walks of life since 1996.

AS A CERTIFIED TEACHER OF ENERGY HEALING, I feel able, experienced and qualified to support fellow peers like you.  Together we’ll release the build up of frustrations and surrender insecurities in favour of confidence and wellbeing within yourself and therefore in your practice.




OVER THE YEARS A PATTERN BEGAN TO EMERGE.  Therapists from various doctrines seemed to have similar needs when it came to personal support. Universal issues and challenges were brought to be cleared and healed. This opportunity allowed me to create a confidential, safe haven for therapists.




THE HEART IS THE REAL HEALER: One of the most important virtues to bring to the healing arts is your heart connection.  Many therapists excel with technique, but if your heart is not fully engaging with the moment at hand, the potency of your work will be diminished. Clients will feel your lack of presence and therefore question your credibility.


Breakthrough & Thrive is now a registered teaching facility.  This allows you to claim Certificates of Attendance for our work together. So you can fulfil your annual Continued Professional Development (CPD) commitment as stated by your governing body.

I work with therapists and practitioners who are qualified or who are currently studying a particular discipline in the healing arts.




Supervision can be very reassuring – I’ve discovered. To know you can reach out and find the answers within through someone who’s not invested in your ego.

Regular support will help you to breakthrough and thrive with your life’s purpose.








Are you:-

Experiencing negative thoughts to do with your ability which is interfering with success of your work?

Struggling to find your unique voice/signature?

Feeling responsible for clients?

Losing faith in your work due to a lack of inspiration?

Inhibited from charging fair money for your services?

Overwhelmed and debilitated by your clients’ burdens?  Possibly feeling resentful toward them.

Having problems implementing boundaries by confusing your personal issues with your clients’ needs?

Finding yourself criticising or judging your clients?




Terri has this very special skill of pulling out the words exactly showing my state of being. Challenging me into the next phase of defining and re-defining where I am at, having the effect of going deeper and deeper into my blocks. Then she says: “can you see, Blandine, how this phrase is part of the thread showing x,y,z”, bringing out in the open something that I was not aware of.

I am really thrilled with the help given with my practice. The sessions I had were informative, constructive and also gave me a huge amount of confidence. The sessions were always followed by the Golden Nugget. A summary of the sessions crystallising what we had worked on, which turned out to be an incredibly useful tool for future use. Thank you TerriBlandine Energy Healer