Someone once told me “The fast track to enlightenment is through relationships”.  At the time this statement went totally over my head, but as the years rolled by I’ve come to respect the gravity of these fine words.


Why is this so?


Because relationships challenge your character at a deep-seated level. Facing yourself requires humility, courage and endurance.

It calls for living a life that’s devoted to personal understanding. Instead of depending on others to do it for you.



Before you can wholeheartedly feel for others, you are in essence required to experience patience, tolerance and compassion for yourself.

These are the sacred virtues coupled with right action which will enable you to thrive. To re-discover self-love and love for others through the vehicle of relationships.





  • Do you expect other people to intuitively know your needs?  Leading to lack of communication.
  • Are you confused about the difference between romance, sex and love?
  • Stuck in a place where you can’t find the “love of your life”?
  • Do you suffer from lack of self-acceptance?
  • Is your relationship built on resentment? Strangling the re-connection to love, tolerance and co-operation.
  • Do you guilt trip by bringing up the past to claw back control and punish?
  • Hung up on self preservation.  Making you avoid relationships.  Leaving you isolated and lonely?
  • Has the magic in your relationship dried up causing heartache?
  • Is inhibition and lack of self-esteem stopping you from making a connection with others?


Terri works from a place of love. I have found that during my time with her this has made it easier to learn to love and value myself. 

Since beginning my work with her, I have also come leaps and bounds – it is like Terri has created a fundamental shift in me that I was unable to make myself.   I also find myself making much more sensible and nurturing decisions. 

Terri will not provide the quick and easy fix. She is looking to create lasting changes, and to help you find a place where you feel empowered to help yourself.

She will help you find your truth. I feel this is the most empowering thing of all, learning to truly be, accept, and unconditionally love myself for everything that I am.  – Emma Business Coach




I have a tool bag of effective SOLUTIONS. So you can live from your true nature, which is to love, create and thrive!