You may well ask “how can a therapist truly understand the challenges I face as a creative?”  Well believe it or not we’re utterly similar. That’s because my work also involves focusing on the moment at hand. Trusting my instincts and adopting an open-hearted intuitive approach.  

When I’m in this flow I’m operating at my personal best.  My performing edge. Hanging out in the zone. When everything comes together with a feeling of alive totality with myself.

It’s at this place I can especially facilitate you to do the same.


The bedrock of peak performance


The qualities of focusing, intuitive trusting and an open-hearted approach are the bedrock of all performances and Gifts to Bring to the world.

It’s difficult to adopt an expansive creative flow when you’re feeling debilitated and confused with your thoughts and emotions. That’s because the creative impulse requires a certain level of internal stillness to flourish and expand.

Whether you’re a painter, graphic designer, actor, writer, singer, musician or some other performer you may be seeking to resolve emotionally related issues in your life?


I have the experience and expertise to help you to re-connect to your inspiration.




Some interesting statistics collated from the Breakthrough and Thrive project was quite revealing. Felt as a distinct lack of emotional support devoted to performers and artists who make a living from their talents.

Here are 6 of the most common symptoms exposed by successful creatives.






Do you suffer from procrastination, overwhelm or fear of losing your performing edge?  Do these thoughts create anxiety especially if you rely on your creativity to earn a living?

If you are already successful in your field.  Have reached a worthy level of expertise but have hit a wall in the face of a busy timetable with deadlines?  I can help you to release yourself from this entanglement and get back on track.

You may be suffering from debilitating stagnation around your creative impulse. Causing days of endless searching without results. This is often accompanied by feeling worthless or not good enough.

Feeling tired and lifeless?  Lacking in energy that leaves you feeling helpless and uninspired?  Are you longing to get to the bottom of your situation and free yourself from this destructive cycle?

Are you seeking to develop your skills to a deeper level but face the burden of a glass ceiling? If you need help to re-connect to your inspiration and creative expression, then you’ve come to the right place.




“Terri is an emotional architect for those of us who’s emotional homes were built without planning permission by people who specialised in ww2 bomb shelters. It may seem simple to suggest building an upstairs with windows to let the light come flooding in or what about installing a front door so maybe people can visit, but it’s her ability to know exactly what your house needs which has helped me and many others.”  Francis  – Lead Singer and Songwriter