What nourishes me


I was born into a kaleidoscope culture.

My father was English, mother Cape Afrikaans and I was surrounded by amazing Matabele people during my childhood in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe).  This, combined with a convent education run and taught by German nuns from the Dominican Order, ignited my curiosity and influenced my perception about the beauty and amazing diversity of people.

Good film is bliss to me.  Stories that speak through the heart such as those of struggle and emancipation, fables, poetry, and musical lyrics help to illustrate and inspire clients.

Daily yoga keeps me flexible and balanced.


Iove nature: like to lounge in it, walk through it, explore up into the night sky, swim in it, trek it’s unique landscapes, breath it’s fragrances, taste it and take care of it in any way I can.


Coffee is my addiction so I use it sparingly as medicine.

Meditation reminds me to stay humble, AND I have a long way to go.