Around 1988 I discovered an aptitude for developing teaching material. It gave me a sense of great satisfaction to craft original concepts then communicate them to people in ways they could understand and implement.

These years of teaching experience has contributed to the 1-1 therapy I practice today.



The themes of these courses will give you some insight into the nature and content of what I studied.

The flavour and tone of the topics reflect a philosophical lean to opening the heart, fostering creative expression and discovering what it means to thrive. 





Supervision – Facilitating and inspiring practitioners from all complimentary therapy backgrounds to clear mental and emotional blocks that interfere with their work.  This is supported by encouraging them to face and learn from their challenges. stay professional and in integrity.  Also teaches a series of self help tools for personal maintenance.


Love Your Jade Garden : 4 – 6 hour workshop – or 1-1 120-minute session.  An affirming and emancipating expedition using drawing, Breathwork and Kundalini Muntra to discover and release trauma from negative experiences.  These varying states of trauma can stifle female essence from flourishing and rising to the heart.  We explore the methods of transforming sexual essence from Jing to Chi. Heal past hurts and regain the natural flow of sexual vibrancy, which is our birthright.

Gain Success in Business – 6 week programme Supporting practitioners to launch or fine tune their practice so they can thrive in the work they love to do.  This also involves exploring their heart’s longing. Setting their intention for action. To excavate and discover their unique voice gifts to bring to the world via their personal task and their world task.


Shamanic Journey – a really powerful exploration into the psyche. Length of this exploration varied from 2 to 9 hours, using the breath and music followed by mandala drawing.


The Puppet Master A revealing and intimate exploration into the nature and manipulative tactics of the Inner Critic. You’ll discover and understand how the Inner Critic subtly leaches your energy to keep you in a box.  The journey ultimately challenges the Inner Critic. And by doing so, releases power to the Essential Self through the Voice of Reason

How to be an Edge Dweller – 9 month exploration revealing to curious souls how to develop Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) and “see into” the extraordinary meaningful fabric in the ordinary everyday life. Bringing life strands together and finding the commonality in life even though they appear separated.


RTE Certified Training – 3 year certified program educating students from all walks of life in the vast field of Energy Healing.  The school was registered with the CMA under Return to Essence.

What exactly is a Chakra? – 1 day fun workshop for people who are curious about the Chakra System. Looking into the anatomy of chakras, their function. Taking time to experience Chakras through play. Diagnosing their state of health using pendulums and laughing a lot.


7 Essential Tools for Self-Healing – 9 month personal development program exploring the importance of the Heart, both physically and energetically and the methods of healing the connection between the Heart/Mind.  These included a whole tool bag of self help tools and how to listen to the body.

The Magical Child This beautiful journey looks closely and with gentle deliberation at the interplay between our vulnerable aspects referred to as the Inner Child and our Adult Self. The Inner Child has the key to our health, energy levels, curiosity, creativity and love for life. If not cared for, accepted and loved, our Inner Child can cause all manner of imbalances, making us to feel miserable and unhappy.

Gain Inspiration – a 6-hour workshop combining Breathwork and music. Learning how to surrender and connect to the natural wellspring of inspiration that is constantly accessible. Learning how to receive, trusting what comes through and taking action.


Life’s a Meditation – Bite size 90-minute series of 10 practical sessions embracing the simplicity of mindful everyday life and why it’s a good idea to let go of ticking the boxes. Opening an opportunity to begin to live through the heart and body.  Learning to be content to focus on the present moment.

Enrichment Program – 2 year teaching for therapists on how to develop depth and meaning in their chosen field of complimentary medicine.  The teaching focused on the nature of energy, how we distort it and how to balance it.  The curriculum included how to foster and maintain energy levels with the intention of promoting a successful, thriving practice.





I have done much training both giving and receiving in the field of varying styles and doctrines.  My tool bag is composed of many skills which compliment one another.  This allows me to help a wide range of situations with clients who come to me for help.


Tool Bag

Breathwork, Tantra, Past Life Regression, Inner Child work, The Pathwork, Vipassana Meditation, fasting, Establishing Intentions, Naturopathy & Nutrition, Chi Kung, Inner Critic exploration, Relationship Cord Healing,  Kundalini Yoga,  Essence healing, Angelic Invocation, Emotional  Release work.